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536 songs translated and counting!

Recent Updates:
- 6/3/16 : 【KamiAso】 Ten ni Saku Akatsuki Yori mo / Seesaw Game | NEW!
- 5/28/16 : 【Code:Realize】 Yasashii Yokan -in the morning rays- | NEW!
- 5/19/16 : 【DiaLovers】 Kowaku no Parade | NEW!
- 5/18/16 : 【KamiAso】 With Caution / SEKIRARA | NEW!
- 5/16/16 : 【Code:Realize】 Endless pain | NEW!
- 5/16/16 : 【DiaLovers】 Operation X | NEW!
- 5/15/16 : 【KamiAso】 PLUMA・CIELO | NEW!
- 5/14/16 : 【Code:Realize】 Shall we dance? | NEW!

Upcoming Releases: (because I stalk this information)
- 08/12/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 Tsukiuta Series vol.2 - Yuki Wakaba | songs
- 08/17/16 : 【UtaPri】 Shining Dream CD | songs
- 08/19/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 Tsukiuta Series vol.2 - Terase Yuno | songs
- 08/26/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 Tsukiuta Series vol.2 - Himekawa Mizuki / THE ANIMATION Main Themes | songs
- 08/31/16 : 【Dance with Devils】 Unit Song Single vol.1 - Rem vs. Urie | song
- 09/02/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 Tsukiuta Series vol.2 - Motomiya Matsuri | songs

- 09/09/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 Tsukiuta Series vol.2 - Asagiri Akane | songs
- 09/14/16 : 【MG#4/LP/UniJr.】 My♥Milky♥Way shuffle unit 1st album | songs
- 09/16/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 Tsukiuta Series vol.2 - Ichisaki Reina | songs
- 09/21/16 : 【Dance with Devils】 Unit Song Single vol.2 - Lindo vs. Jek | song
- 09/23/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 Tsukiuta Series vol.2 - Tendouin Tsubaski | songs
- 09/30/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 THE ANIMATION BR/DVD vol.1 bonus disk | songs
- 10/2016 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star airs! | anime
- 10/19/16 : 【Dance with Devils】 Unit Song Single vol.3 - Mage vs. Shiki | song
- 10/26/16 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star : Duet Idol Song vol.1 - Tokiya & Eiji | songs
- 10/28/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 THE ANIMATION BR/DVD vol.2 bonus disk | songs
- 11/02/16 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star : Duet Idol Song vol.2 - Syou & Yamato | songs
- 11/09/16 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star : Duet Idol Song vol.3 - Cecil & Shion | songs
- 11/16/16 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star : Duet Idol Song vol.4 - Ren & Van | songs
- 11/23/16 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star : Duet Idol Song vol.5 - Natsuki & Nagi | songs
- 11/23/16 : 【Dance with Devils】 Unit Song Single vol.4 - Maksis with Roen | song
- 11/25/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 THE ANIMATION BR/DVD vol.3 bonus disk | songs
- 11/30/16 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star : Duet Idol Song vol.6 - Masato & Kira | songs
- 12/07/16 : 【UtaPri】 Maji Love Legend Star : Duet Idol Song vol.7 - Otoya & Eiichi | songs
- 12/23/16 : 【Tsukiuta】 THE ANIMATION BR/DVD vol.4 bonus disk | songs
- 01/2017 : 【MG#4】 Anime airs! | anime
- 01/27/17 : 【Tsukiuta】 THE ANIMATION BR/DVD vol.5 bonus disk | songs
- 02/24/17 : 【Tsukiuta】 THE ANIMATION BR/DVD vol.6 bonus disk | songs

PLEASE NOTE: I provide song lyrics ONLY, not mp3s/download links, so please don't ask! >_<

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I keep record of this stuff offline for my own use, but since different people keep asking me for the same things, I've decided to post this information so everyone and myself can keep track of what translations I'm working on at the moment or planning to work on in the future. (As well as to prove that I HAVE NOT BEEN IDLE!!)

[Last updated: 8/11/2016]

Order of Operations:
(1) Look up original kanji lyrics
(2) Initial romanizations
(3) Check romanizations for any errors / make corrections as necessary
(4) Translations
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Recent Updates:
- 7/27/12 : 【Ryou】 Ch1-FM1 | NEW!
- 7/22/12 : 【Ryou】 Ch1-3 | NEW!
- 7/16/12 : 【Ryou】 Ch1-2 | NEW!

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I AM NOT DEAD!!! An Update

Hey everyone! I apologize for my extremely long absence, but considering the number of messages I've received through various forums asking where the heck I've been, I suppose I should at least post this much. I also apologize for not responding to messages lately. I am not dead, just extremely busy. I've got a huge project I'm working on for the next few months in class that has been and will continue to be completely demanding my attention. And to top it off, I've been having some major health issues lately that just kinda sprung up on me for no good reason, so that's keeping me busy as well. So I haven't been keeping up with much of anything else at this point, song translations or even anime. I haven't finished watching Tsukiuta and I haven't even started UtaPri Legend Star! OTL

So for most of the foreseeable future (like until next summer, probably), I don't think I'll be able to update or add any new translations. I am trying to keep up with releases just so that they're added to my to-do list, but that's about all the thought I can spare them at this time. Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me, and I'll try to get back to this as soon as conceivably possible! Wish me luck!! >
Jumping back to Kamigami no Asobi, here we have the second of the new InFinite character albums, featuring Akira & Thor. I don't know much about Akira as a character since he was the only one left out of the anime, but I do know that fans have been demanding a Thor route since the original game. So let's get to it!

(Ten ni Saku Akatsuki Yori mo)
- Akira's character song is up first! As a mythological figure, Akira is supposed to be Amaterasu, the deity of the sun (I think). I'll be the first to admit I don't know very much about Japanese mythology, but I do know that Amaterasu is one of the most prominent deities and also FEMALE. So I never thought I'd see the day where a Japanese company would EVER make Amaterasu a male, even for the sake of otome gaming. o_O And then they went and selected a seiyuu with one of the deepest masculine voices they could find! Seriously, I adore Uchida Yuuya from his roles in the Corda franchise, but I'm kinda thrown by his voice with this character. I just don't understand the logic of this choice...
- The song itself is pretty and lyrical, but again, the voice throws me.
(Seesaw Game)
- Fangirls rejoice! Thor finally got a route and a character song!! Thor is the Norse god of thunder, usually seen wielding a hammer (which you might have known already from all the recent Marvel movies Hollywood's been cranking out recently).
- I can't believe it took me this long to realize that he's voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki! I absolutely adore every song out of this man's mouth from the Hetalia series (Rule Britannia!!) and I've always been kinda sad I don't really see him much of anywhere else (although I saw it mentioned somewhere that he dubs Bloo from "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends"). So this made my day~♪
- The song is a bit slower paced than what I'm used to from Hetalia, but it's still fun to listen to~ It's also a bit less embellished of a melody, but Thor's a pretty stoic character, so I suppose that's to be expected.

That's about all I've got for this round. Continuing with the rotation, up next will be DiaLovers with Kou & Yuuma's VS Song, "DIE IS CAST". After that, we would jump back to Code:Realize since vol.4 featuring Impey just came out, except that because it just came out, no one's posted the lyrics up anywhere yet. So if I don't find those before I get back to that section, I'll substitute with Reiji & Syou's "EVERYBuddy!" from UtaPri. And then we'll get back to KamiAso with the first of the InFinite duet albums (Apollon & Hades) if I can find a listening sample to check my romanji by then. If not, we'll see. So, until next time~♪

NOTE: If you intend to use my romanizations/translations, please credit!

Totsuka Akira (戸塚 陽) – Uchida Yuuya (内田夕夜)
『天に咲く暁よりも』 More Than the Dawn Blossoming in the HeavensCollapse )

Thor Megingjord (トール・メギンギョルズ) – Sugiyama Noriaki (杉山紀彰)
『Seesaw Game』 More Than the Dawn Blossoming in the HeavensCollapse )
Moving right along, next we have volume 3 of the Code:Realize ~Soumei no Himegimi~ (which I recently discovered is officially translated as "~Daughter of Genesis~"), featuring Fran! Seriously, they need some more diverse nicknames in this series... We have Van, Fran, and San! Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, this particular Dr. Frankenstein has nothing to do with reanimated corpses, so you horror fans are out of luck there.

I don't really have much in the way of notes this round. Fran's a sweet guy, and his character song is likewise sweet-sounding~♪ And the troubled past that haunts this one is only briefly alluded to, but that's okay! The translation went smoothly, so that's really about it.

Up next on my rotational list is back to KamiAso with volume 2 of the InFinite character songs (Akira & Thor), which I'm sure we've all been looking forward to! Following that will be the DiaLovers Kou & Yuuma VS Song "DIE IS CAST." After that, we should technically be coming back to Code:Realize with Impey's character song, but that's not due to be released until Wednesday of this week, and since it normally takes a few days/weeks after a release for someone to post lyrics online for me to hunt down, I'll instead fill the slot with the two remaining UtaPri Theatre Shining songs I just remembered I still haven't done. So that means Reiji & Syou's "EVERY Buddy!" So then, until next time~♪

NOTE: If you intend to use my romanizations/translations, please credit!

Victor Frankenstein (ヴィクター・フランケンシュタイン) – Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原徹也)
『優しい予感 -in the morning rays-』 Gentle PremonitionsCollapse )
Here's volume 4 of the DiaLovers VS SONG series, featuring Reiji & Kanato. An unusual combination, but it works! The music's got a bit of the childlike carnival feel I usually get from Kanato, but with a touch of the darker, more sophisticated tones I expect from Reiji. Now then, I've got some 'splainin to do:

- First of all, I managed to find one set of lyrics with part distributions, but I didn't quite agree with those, so I ended up doing them myself by ear. Let me know if I screwed up horribly!
- As usual, there were multiple word/pronunciation replacements scattered throughout the lyrics, and I tried to incorporate them into the translations.
- I tripped up a couple of times with this translation, so I'm hoping it still makes sense somewhat. I've got a couple of things I want to explain, though. First, in line 5 (the first line both sing), I have never seen the verb form like "tooryanse" (通りゃんせ). Thankfully I found an explanation. There's a children's song by that title that's played when pedestrian walk signals change to allow people to cross. It basically means "You may go". I assumed a similar meaning would apply for the later "modoryanse" (戻りゃんせ).
- Second, in Line 19, the term "eshi" (壊死) translates to "necrosis", which I used in the translation because I couldn't think of a better/shorter way to phrase what it refers to. Basically, 'necrosis' refers to the death of living cells when blood flow is cut off from the area for too long from things like frostbite, disease, etc.
- Third, in the second set of spoken lines: the "kawaigatte" (可愛がって) in Reiji's line normally translates as "to give affection/love", but I felt the secondary interpretation of "to torment/tease" fit better with the overall tone of the lyrics.

That's about all I've got this time. Continuing on with the rotation, up next will be back to Code:Realize with Fran's character song, followed by the second volume of the new KamiAso InFinite albums featuring Akira & Thor, and then back to DiaLovers with Kou & Yuuma's "DIE IS CAST". So then, until next time~♪

NOTE: If you intend to use my romanizations/translations, please credit!

Sakamaki Reiji (逆巻レイジ) – Konishi Katsuyuki (小西克幸)
Sakamaki Kanato (逆巻カナト) – Kaji Yuuki (梶 裕貴)

『蠱惑のParade』 The Fascinating ParadeCollapse )
Moving on to KamiAso, here's the first volume of the InFinite character song albums. And I took just long enough with these translations that Hinano-san posted her summary for the game! Apparently, she's not sure how to classify InFinite either... It's more of a fandisk than a sequel, but the story resets like the original game never even happened. Weird. Anyway, the first album features Dionysus & Melissa, so let's get to it!

(With Caution)
- Dionysus is first up! He's the Greek god of wine and debauchery (which I do not normally associate leopards with, but that's one of his symbols, too), so of course his melody's pretty mellow and laid back.
- Like all characters in this series, this lazy man's got some tragic backstory as well, so he kinda wangsts about it a bit in the lyrics. And of course, there's a mention of grapes~
- Melissa's character song! He's the little rag doll Zeus made to keep you/Yui/the protagonist company who for some reason now deserves his own route! Thankfully they made him human and he doesn't sing with that gruff ossan voice he had before...
- When I looked up the title for translation, "sekirara" normally comes out as "naked", which seemed a little off... It can also mean "frank/honest", so I spun off from there and got "obvious" since it fits better with the rest of the lyric.

Continuing with the rotation, next up will be Reiji & Kanato's duet "Kowaku no Parade", followed by Fran's Code:Realize character song, and then back to KamiAso with the Akira & Thor's character song album. So, until next time~♪

NOTE: If you intend to use my romanizations/translations, please credit!

Dionysus Thyrsos (ディオニュソス・テュルソス) – Nojima Hirofumi (野島裕史)
『With Caution』Collapse )

Melissa (メリッサ) – Seki Tomokazu (関 智一)
『セキララ』 ObviousCollapse )

【Code:Realize】 lyrics: Endless pain

I've been looking forward to this one, so I decided to go ahead and keep going! Volume 2 of the Code:Realize ~Soumei no Himegimi~ (~Daughter of Creation~) character song albums features Van! Since he's voiced by Suwabe Jun'ichi, I was expecting something awesome. I was not disappointed! Though I'm so used to him as Jinguji Ren from UtaPri that it's weird to hear him sing something NOT a sexy latin number. Actually, that was kinda my reaction hearing him in the game itself since I used to Suwabe's sexy character voices and I had no idea how he'd do as an ice queen character. Still awesome!

Like I mentioned in Lupin's post, I adore all of the main cast in Code:Realize, and I've had a hard time determining my favorites. All the songs have been awesome so far and I'm looking forward to the next two~ Gameplay-wise, I have a thing for tsundere characters, so of course I latched onto Van (his was also my first route). Poor boy's done some hard livin' and needs a hug, but you might have been able to guess that from the song title. I'm disappointed he was the only character NOT to get a kiss scene (everybody else managed, so what's your excuse?)... Anyway, his lyrics is pretty dark and miserable, so prepare yourself. But still, it's hella catchy~♪

I'm kinda excited to keep going and start on the first KamiAso InFinite character album after this, so that's up next. Following that will be the next DiaLovers VS SONG with Reiji & Kanato, and then back to Code:Realize for Fran's song. So until next time~♪

NOTE: If you intend to use my romanizations/translations, please credit!

Abraham Van Helsing (エイブラハム・ヴァン・ヘルシング) – Suwabe Jun'ichi (諏訪部順一)
『Endless pain』Collapse )

【Diabolik Lovers】 lyrics: Operation X

Moving right along, here's the third installment of the Diabolik Lovers VERSUS SONG albums! Apparently putting my translations on hold for four months paid off, because I was finally able to find the full version of the kanji lyrics plus part distributions! Which is good, cuz I hated the thought of having to skip over it and come back later... Anyway, volume 3 features a duet between the Tsukinami brothers, Carla & Shin (will they ever pair with anyone else or are they too proud for that?).

- Based on the title, if you were expecting some sort of Diabolik spy thriller song, you'll have to look elsewhere. If you've had the opportunity to listen to the full version and all the odd little sound clips they like to throw into the intro before the singing starts, you'll know that the "operation" refers to the medical surgical procedure ("Dr. Bender to the mental ward"). The music is driving and has the tendency to get stuck in my head for several days on end whether I know the words or not!
- All in all, the translation itself wasn't too complicated like I'd expected it to be. There were minimal word replacements and only a couple of spots where I really had to think hard to make sense out of the text. The only part that really bothered me was that single line prior to the first spoken bits immediately before the first refrain. The one that ends in "C'mon!!!" So I get that the word choice for all three of the lines like this one involve two homophonic terms (pronounced the same but meaning different things), once of which means something involving surgery/operations/procedures. But the word choice for this first one!! The second "shujutsu" they use (手術) means "operation," but the first term (主述) refers to the subject and predicate (as in sentence structuring). I had trouble convincing myself it made sense in this situation (plus I had to do some creative rearranging to make it fit), but it's the best I could come up with. You have been warned!
- Also, I translated "SWE(A)T-FEAR" as "Sweaty-fear" because that's how it's pronounced in the song itself.
- I did this to myself... I had the misfortune of watching a Youtube series of Teens playing/reacting to the horror game Outlast because my friend suggested it was a good idea (I don't deal well with the horror genre in general, so it was NOT). For those of you who don't know, it's a game where you're basically helpless, can't fight back if you're threatened (which is almost a constant), and can only run and hide when things go wrong. You're also stuck wandering through an insane asylum where something has clearly gone wrong. So since such traumatizing things tend to stick with you, I had imagery from the gameplay in my head throughout this entire translation... Fabulous...

I think that about covers it. Continuing on with the rotation, we're back to Code:Realize next time with Van's "Endless pain", then the first KamiAso InFinite character song album with Dionysus and Melissa, and then back to DiaLovers with Reiji & Kanato's duet "Kowaku no Parade". So, until next time~♪

NOTE: If you intend to use my romanizations/translations, please credit!

Tsukinami Carla (月浪カルラ) – Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川智之)
Tsukinami Shin (月浪シン) – Morikubo Shoutarou (森久保祥太郎)

『Operation X』Collapse )

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